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Project Details

Translating the EURO 2016 Qualifiers' Broadcast Partner Production Manual


Client: UEFA

Date: 2014

Project Description
The Client

UEFA, the governing body of European football, was founded on 15 June 1954. UEFA’s mission is to promote, protect and develop European football at every level of the game, to promote the principles of unity and solidarity, and to deal with all questions relating to European football.

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The Project

UEFA European Championship, sanctioned by UEFA, is the greatest competition and feast of soccer in Europe. This year’s EURO 2016 has been preceded by qualifiers held between 2014 and 2015. The events gained tremendous public interest, and in order to make sure everyone can enjoy the highest quality even if sitting in their living room, UEFA developed the Broadcast Partner Production Manual, targeted at TV channels broadcasting the events, governing each of the production and technical details of recording the event and producing perfect live broadcast, from the types and locations of cams through pre-match feeds and interview timings and locations, to live feed scheduling. I was fortunate enough to take a significant part in translating this manual to Hungarian.

The Personal Side

Growing up countryside Hungary, I played and still love football. In addition to football, I’m also enthusiast to TV and movie production and broadcasting (don’t ask why…), and looking at a footage or picture of a live broadcast director’s room gives me long minutes to explore new details.

It was therefore like a Disneyland journey for me to take part in translating the manual and to get insight into the operation of broadcast teams. Be it the suggested movement of the man holding the cam cable for the cameraman, the instructions on timing score graphics, or the description of what cams should be where, it was all that interesting that I couldn’t wait to complete a page and proceed to the next to uncover new hidden gems.

I know this did not help the Hungarian team at all to get qualified for EURO 2016, yet I hope precise translation helped making broadcasting quality better and people having more fun.

And the bonus is, this was my first bigger job for a loved translation agency, Edimart, a group of really lovely people being interested not only in my pro services, but the funny life of my cat, too.

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