Where Failures are Extremely Expensive

Project Details

Translations in the most diverse scale of fields


Client: SAP

Date: 2010-present

Project Description
The Client

SAP is a global leader of ERP solutions, including on-premise and cloud, and that of other complimentary products such as BusinessObjects, the SAP HANA database and analytics platform or the Concur travel and expense management system, and I hardly believe there is anyone who could name just 20% of their portfolio.

The Job

Since 2010, I have been involved time to time in smaller and larger translation and software localization projects for SAP products and services, as well as in terminology management.

The Personal Side

SAP has an incredible amount of contents and terms, and if I say incredible, I mean really incredible. With its core product SAP, spanning almost every industry ever existed, accompanied by specialized solutions like those mentioned above, you may find a thousand translations for a single word, and you always need to know which one applies for that industry and for that product. If you are not deep into the terminology of a field, say oil wells or press and publishing, then you have only one option: to dive deep immediately. And if you fail and mislead your users, it’s just the least bad case you prevent them using a feature. In even less fortunate cases they may act upon your misleading information against their intentions, resulting in loss of way much money. This job requires a great amount of attention and precision.

Good knowledge of accounting%
Meet length constraints in translations%