Beholder of History

Project Details

Contributing to localization of Windows and Office since 2001


Client: Microsoft

Date: 2001-present

Project Description
The Client

Microsoft. Anyway, maybe the largest content factory in the IT localization and translation industry.

The Contribution

Microsoft put focus on localizing more and more of its software and services from the early ages to more and more languages. Since 2001, I have been involved in the localization and help translation of all Windows versions from XP to 10, and all Office versions from XP to 2016. In addition, I have contributed to many relevant websites such as, Microsoft Knowledge Base, Microsoft Answers, TechNet, Security Bulletins,,, Microsoft Certified Partner portal and many others. During the years, I played various roles, from translator through proofreader to language lead and terminology expert.

The Personal Side

Working on highly visible products, such as Windows or Office, is a special challenge where you can’t fail or too many people will see your errors. Not only a huge vocabulary, the ability to product concise translations and the knowledge of a great amount of technologies are required for high quality, you even need to know the terms native people use and the trends to catch up with the software you work on. A really tough one yielding a CV for you that can’t be beaten in the information technology field.

Visibility of contents%
Importance of addressing target audience%
Forming the Hungarian IT terminology%