Combine Accuracy and Clarity

Project Details

Localizing the e-commerce platform of a big player


Client: cleverbridge AG

Date: 2011-present

Project Description
The Client

As a leader in the market of e-commerce platforms, the Germany-based company cleverbridge AG (not a typo, they write it using lowercase letter) provides the backbone of webshops, including cart management and payment processing. Their clients include VMware, Uniblue, F-Secure, Acronis, Cakewalk, WinRAR, Avira and BitTorrent, just to mention a few.

The Project

The e-commerce platform of cleverbridge is available in many-many languages to allow customers to get a localized shopping experience increasing confidence in purchasing online. Not only can you see the prices in your local currency, but the entire shopping process can speak your language. I have been selected for the Hungarian localization when cleverbridge decided to add Hungarian to their supported languages, so I had to build up each and every aspects of the localized version, including terminology and style.

The Personal Side

Since I know the success of cleverbridge depends on whether customers buy in the webshops backed by their platform, and the buying decision is strongly influenced by the confidence in that particular webshop, I strive to be very accurate, yet very clear and concise so that everyone can easily and precisely understand what will happen when clicking here or there. And terminology is of superior importance: for example, it makes a difference if you receive a non-fiscal receipt or an invoice, a fiscal document, which may affect how you can settle the purchase in your books. This is a great challenge.

Clarity required%
Accuracy required%