Job Becomes Passion

Project Details

Localizing Spotify apps and sites was an amazing place to play with words


Client: Spotify AB

Date: 2014-2016

Project Description
The Client

Spotify is one of the largest music streaming services, enabling users to listen to music on all popular platforms, selected audio devices and car audio.

The Project

I worked as a translator, responsible for localizing Spotify apps, including in-app contents like playlist titles, descriptions and teasers; marketing and PR content tailored to customers and advertisers, as well as help and other support contents.

The Personal Side

I like creating technical translations, but after 15 years in the industry you mostly cope with the task easily. But when it comes to translating marketing and PR messages which shall stay as cool and impertinent as the English, and convey the same message, but which should yet make sense in the local culture, and which fits the limited space, the job becomes an insanely exciting and challenging task. I enjoyed every minutes of trying to stay relevant, stylish and to speak the language of the diverse audience.

Observe length limits%
Need to stay cool%