T1nk-R Wooden Fence Pack

Project Description

This is a set of assets of the Spline type for Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019+, available from in-game, using Content Manager and searching for T1:FW. The pack features classic Central-Easter-European residential fences with concrete, masonry or brick basement and painted woods of different geometries and colors. Based on just a few objects in Blender and only on two texture atlases (and therefore 2 PBR materials) per season, it contains hundreds of various fence elements from blocks to various gates.

Read and learn more about it.

  • Tools include Blender, Materialize, GIMP
  • Toughest/most interesting moment: Understading splines in Trainz, developing season-aware configuration, maximize re-use
Asset reuse%
Complexity of developing Trainz configuration%