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Project Details

Taking part in designing LogDrill's stand for CeBIT 2014

Client: LogDrill Ltd.

Date: 2014

Project Description
The Client

LogDrill Ltd., a dynamically growing start-up member of the KÜRT Group, exploits Kürt’s two-decades long experience in analyzing security incidents to build fast and intelligent log analytic solutions on big data platform featuring high-speed analysis of all kinds of logs.

The Project

All it began with a question who could open an InDesign file while the graphic designer is unavailable, and I could. It turned out the guys were working on creating plans for LogDrill’s stand on CeBIT 2014, one of the world’s largest tradeshow. Keeping this story short, I was invited to join the team to design something fancy, something innovative, something catching the eyes and breaking barriers. It was the efforts of many people, yet I was fortunate enough to have my concept displayed on the stand, in large, very large size. And what was that concept? If your company use LogDrill’s product, you’ll spend less on coffee, since your analysts won’t have time to drink that much coffee by having such a fast tool.

The Personal Side

I love creative tasks, I love abstracting information into stunning yet clear presentations, taglines and infocharts, and getting the chance to contribute to creating something for a CeBIT exhibitor stand is really something impressive. It’s spicy to imagine hundreds or thousands of people will walk by, and like or hate the imagery. I enjoyed every minutes of this job, and it was an even greater pleasure to hear visitors found our work one of the most attractive and cool stand.

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