Superior Complexity Made Intelligible

Project Details

Designing user interface for financial information system

Client: Kürt Zrt.

Date: 2012-2014

Project Description
The Client

KÜRT Co. has grown from a small, Hungarian-owned enterprise into an international company group, developing technologies and solutions for information protection, data loss prevention and data recovery. KÜRT has earned considerable recognition and acclaim for its cutting edge technologies, including machine learning, neural networks, big data and deep learning.

The Project

Funded by the Hungarian Government Operative Program, Kürt wanted to utilize its data analysis skills in the form of developing a financial early warning system capable of warning credit and portfolio managers on the increase of credit risks, potential loss and exposure. The question of calculating capital requirements and credit risk, required by the Basel Accords, is a big challenge for the most financial institutions.

The project included a great deal of research into various fields from statistics and big data analysis through efficient data processing, self-learning algorithms and user interface design. The result, codenamed ForeQuest, has become a promising tool incorporating machine learning and featuring a novel user interface, not common at that time.

The main screen, shown in the screenshots, displayed treemap charts to call the attention of managers from the lowest to the executive levels to the problematic areas of their interest. Using this approach, we could produce an intuitive interface enabling to spot both customer-specific, both system-level risks.

According to some non-official measurements, ForeQuest performed out the early warning and risk analysis systems of some Hungarian banks.

The Personal Side

I can’t even summarize the incredible load of knowledge I gained during this project, thanks to the large diversity of areas of science (statistics and probability theory, risk analysis, big data, data analysis and so on) and the great people I had the chance to work with. We were a small team doing great things, proving enthusiasm is worth much more than money. I really hope I’ll have the opportunity to work with these guys in the future. Over and over. 🙂

And by learning all the statistics stuff, it was very exciting to be able to take a reliable look into the future.

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