Portrait of Mr. Tamás Kürti

It's a tough task to present a technology vision so that it touches people adoring boring data, and that it makes use of those quite boring data to uncover questions catching the interest of CxO...

Portrait of Csudi Csudutov

Gusztáv is the King of Quality Assurance in Software Development. Doesn't it tell you everything? If not, I can add, that I have recruited Gusztáv to one of his early employments, where he had written...

Ms. Csudi Csudutov

Managing Director and Key RecruiterMimox Ltd., the Perfect Pearl Divers

Portrait of Csaba Vég

Gusztáv is an excellent analyst with programming skills and deep architectural knowledge. Our clients are impressed by his requirements specifications and other tech documents, mentioning either content, presentation and style. I'd like to get him...

Mr. Csaba Vég

Chief Executive OfficerXSys Ltd.

Portrait of István Juhász

Gusztáv has the capability to think out of the box. Not just his problem finding but his problem solving skill is excellent. He maintains good relationships with customers and colleagues. He is loyal, and the...

Mr. István Juhász

Chief Executive OfficerGrepton Plc.

Silhouette of a human

I just want to say thanks to the presenters, Gusztáv and Csaba, for the trainings. Both of them have compelling knowledge, and it is clear, they know way more than what can be presented in...

Portrait of Mr. Attila Baumann

Gusztáv has developed a feasibility study for us on the technical and business aspects of adding performance testing services to our portfolio. Once I opened it up, I couldn't stop reading. Yet a technical study...

Mr. Attila Baumann

Head of Team, TSI Solutions, AD/AM DeliveryIT Services Hungary