Test Automation

Project Details

Automated functional and load testing

Client: Kilgray

Date: 2015-present

Project Description
The Client

Kilgray is a Hungarian software developer company, the vendor of memoQ, a leading computer assisted translation (CAT) tool, making the life of many translators and translation project managers easier. Kilgray has become a significant player in the market and will hopefully continue its success by providing highly efficient and usable software and services.

The Project

Kilgray takes user experience serious, and this approach gave birth to the initiative of measuring the speed of various operations to know early if any changes made in the code resulted in decrease of performance as experienced by users.

To make sure control is maintained over performance, I had to develop automated functional tests performing various operations. It’s quite simple till this point. But I had to build an environment ensuring fault-tolerant operation of tests so that we can run them multiple times a day to get to know to problems as soon as they get introduced. This required a carefully designed set of test scripts, test data management and test execution management.

After about 200 test executions, we were happy to realize we only got failure signals twice, and both of those were true positives, with no false positive warnings. Thus we believe we managed to build the grounds of an even broader set of automated tests, to be implemented in the near future, to protect the time and experience of memoQ users.

The Personal Side

There are wonderful synergies in life. I met the founders of Kilgray when the company was about one year old. We talked about possible collaborations, but I was on a different path at that time. Then we talked sometimes again and again and I kept an eye on their success, until we managed to start the long-waited collaboration in 2014. It was the time when I began to dive deeper into test automation and Kilgray was looking for someone to help in adopting test automation techniques. Nothing could stop us to work together, what I really enjoy.

It’s amazing to work with guys who made a small Hungarian firm a worldwide success, it’s amazing to add my knowledge to memoQ which I use heavily in my translation jobs, but the best is to recognize the guys remained the same humble guys they were 10 years ago.

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