T1nk-R’s Mesh Name Synchronizer Blender Add-On

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Project Description

You can use this add-on to synchronize the names of meshes with the names of their parent objects.

If you belong to those trying to keep their workspaces clean, you’ll really like this. I’m pretty sure it also happened to you that you created or duplicated objects and then renamed them in an effort to keep your model organized and intelligible. But the names of meshes might have stayed the original, and may now be quite different from the names of parents. This is very this add-on comes to help you. With a single click, you can set the names of the meshes to the names of their parents.

You can specify a prefix and a postfix for the synchronization. Prefix will be added before the name, suffix will be added after the name of the corresponding object’s name to form the name of the mesh.


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