T1 Brick Wall

Project Description

My second material in Substance Designer is a highly configurable multi-color brick primarily intended for large walls/surfaces. But why yet another brick material? Well, I couldn’t find any supporting as many colors as the brick walls of Hungarian railway stations feature. The material provides more than 20 controls to customize it, and allows you to specify three base colors with accompanying variation ranges in terms of HSL, and it also lets you apply lime cover, so for many walls this can be a one-stop-shop. While it looks okay from close distances, too, the goal was to make it ideal for large surfaces and offers no real repetitive patterns up to about 8×4 meters.

  • Tools include Substance Designer
  • Toughest/most interesting moment: Conceal repetitions and offer options to make walls painted with a single-color, as well as walls including bricks of more than 3 distinct colors.