Performing in Performance

Project Details

Feasibility study for launching performance testing services

Client: IT Services Hungary

Date: 2014

Project Description
The Client

IT Services Hungary (ITSH) is a Hungarian subsidiary of T-Systems International, providing IT services to the T-Systems group of companies as a key player in T-Systems International delivery network by employing smart solutions and more than 4000 engaged employees. ITSH offers comprehensive services from application development, through application testing to lifecycle management and infrastructure management. Within ITSH, the TSI Solutions, AD/AM Delivery group is responsible for application management, which includes delivering functional testing services, mostly within the T-Systems group.

The Project

TSI Solutions, AD/AM Delivery decided to investigate the feasibility and options of adding performance testing services to their portfolio to gain more customers in their internal market. The feasibility study was intended to

  • help decision makers, managers and other business actors at ITSH to understand the business and technical aspects of performance testing;
  • assess three potential performance testing tools against the set of criteria defined in collaboration with ITSH to put focus on the specific requirements;
  • detail the organizational, business and technical background ITSH should develop to become capable of delivering performance testing services;
  • build a potential service portfolio for performance testing services, including potential cost accounting and billing methods.
The Personal Side

I’m very interested in how large enterprises work and I find it fascinating to spend some time in such environments. But what actually made working for ITSH unique is that the outcomes of the feasibility study were expected to strongly influence an important strategic decision. Stakes were high: wrong results could have implied wrong decisions and business failure. What to do in such a situation? Having no other magic weapon on hand, I simply did my best and put extra attention on each and every sentence written, while balancing between keeping it as short as possible and sharing or uncovering all relevant details. And I’ve found I actually had the magic weapon on hand, the enthusiasm of people who helped a lot to successfully complete the project.

Some time after the project completion, I was pleased to know ITSH has successfully launched its performance testing services and I’m happy that I could contribute to this story.

Knowledge of test automation%
Knowledge of test management%
Concise communication%